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SinceOctober 3, 2023

News & Updates

v1.7.0 Update

In case you hadn't noticed yet, the website now has a team builder!

The team builder will suggest you characters based on the team leader and the rest of the selected characters. It'll also recommend the best leader to use for a select group of characters. I do think I did quite the better job than Dokkan Battle's built-in team builder!

Signed in users can save their team, this will create a permanent link to the team to share on other media outlets.

The team builder is still in beta, so you might encounter bugs or miss functionality. Don't worry, it's in active development. If you have any feedback, make sure to share it in the Discord server.

ChangelogCapnMZMay 16, 2024

X Account

I created an X account for the website. Feel free to follow it!

At least it still says "twitter" in the URL.

AnnouncementsCapnMZMay 13, 2024

v1.6.0 Update

Well hello there, long time! Updates to character category filtering have been pushed live, here's the details:

  • The "Categories" filter now has a switch that says "Primary" and "Additional". The Additional option is for when you want to restrict the results to characters that belong to any of the primary categories, but must also belong to any of the additional categories. This bring us to...
  • Finding character teammates. On character pages, any character that leads one or more categories now has the "Find Teammates" link at the bottom of their Leader Skill panel. This will show all characters that fall entirely under the character's leader skill.
  • The "Category Leaders" filter has been updated in such a way that 200% leaders will only be shown when they're either pure 200% leaders, or a combination of their required categories is selected. When searching 170% leaders, only the primary category needs to match. This change was made for the sake of...
  • Updating the "Find 200% Leaders" functionality of the Categories panel on character pages. Showing a character's 200% leaders will now show only the characters whose leader skills are a full match.

That's all for now. Hope the updates prove useful!

By the way, are you in our Discord server yet?

ChangelogCapnMZMay 9, 2024

v1.5.0 Update

A clear distinction between EZAs and SEZAs was added, as the site treated SEZAs like any other EZA.

  • A purple "SEZA" badge was added for the sake of switching between base/SEZA stats,
  • A toggle to switch between EZA and SEZA was added to SEZA'd characters' Passive Skill card,
  • Hidden Potential Skill votes were updated to reset yet again after a SEZA is released,
  • A character index filter for "Super Extreme Z-Awakened" was added,
  • Also; MORE PURPLE.
ChangelogCapnMZMarch 23, 2024

v1.4.0 Update

You can now vote for your priorizited Hidden Potential Skill on characters' pages. Help out your fellow players!

Any votes made on character skills, before they have an EZA, will be reset once the information for the EZA becomes available on the website.

To be able to vote, you must be a verified member. You do this by either logging in through a social provider (Discord, Google), or having clicked the email verification link.

ChangelogCapnMZMarch 19, 2024
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