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SinceOctober 3, 2023

News & Updates

v1.5.0 Update

A clear distinction between EZAs and SEZAs was added, as the site treated SEZAs like any other EZA.

  • A purple "SEZA" badge was added for the sake of switching between base/SEZA stats,
  • A toggle to switch between EZA and SEZA was added to SEZA'd characters' Passive Skill card,
  • Hidden Potential Skill votes were updated to reset yet again after a SEZA is released,
  • A character index filter for "Super Extreme Z-Awakened" was added,
  • Also; MORE PURPLE.
ChangelogCapnMZMarch 23, 2024

v1.4.0 Update

You can now vote for your priorizited Hidden Potential Skill on characters' pages. Help out your fellow players!

Any votes made on character skills, before they have an EZA, will be reset once the information for the EZA becomes available on the website.

To be able to vote, you must be a verified member. You do this by either logging in through a social provider (Discord, Google), or having clicked the email verification link.

ChangelogCapnMZMarch 19, 2024

v1.3.0 Update

Version 1.3 of the site is live brings mostly user authentication logic, in anticipation of further user functionality down the line.

  • Added "scheduled for" indicators to the character list for upcoming EZAs,
  • Created a sign-in dialog, with email/password sign-ins,
  • Added a corresponding email registration form. If you've signed in socially before and use the same email address, you will already have an account. In this case, please use the newly added "password reset" functionality,
  • Added Google accounts as an additional method to sign in,
  • Extended the duration of remaining signed in, when signed in through social providers,
  • Added a page to edit your profile. Just click your avatar in the main menu!
ChangelogCapnMZMarch 16, 2024

v1.2.1 Update

  • Added character awakening paths.
  • Added detailed Super Attack effects.
  • Added support for closing the sidebars through touch controls.
  • Added support for closing the main menu and link partner pop-up by clicking outside of them.
  • Made the search bar expand over the page title on mobile devices.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.
ChangelogCapnMZOctober 10, 2023

v1.1.0 Update

  • Added a home page with the latest characters, stats and news articles. (Look around; you're on it.)
  • Added back EZA potential for UR characters that do not possess an EZA.

As always, please go to our Discord server if you encounter any bugs while using DOKKAN.FYI.

ChangelogCapnMZOctober 5, 2023
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