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AnnouncementsCapnMZJuly 10, 2024

Skill Voting

Which Hidden Potential Skill do you prioritize for this character?
Combo Attack0%
Critical Hit0%
Total votes: 0

Leader Skill

AGL & TEQ Types Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +70%

Super Attack

Galick Gun (Extreme) Ki Blast

Greatly raises ATK for 1 turn and causes supreme damage with a medium chance of stunning the enemy
  • Launches from 12 ki
  • Increases ATK by 150%
    Super ATK Lv. 1
    – 530%
    Super ATK Lv. 20
  • From Super ATK Lv. 15
    Super Attack power +20%
    Super Attacks will become more powerful!
  • 30% chance of Stun (enemy) for 2 turns
  • ATK (self) +50% for 1 turn

Passive Skill

Mounting Bloodlust

  • ATK & DEF +150%
  • Plus an additional ATK +100% when Ki is 6 or more
  • Plus an additional DEF +100% when Ki is 8 or more
  • Medium chance of evading enemy's attack (including Super Attack) when Ki is 10 or more
  • Launches an additional attack that has a high chance of becoming a Super Attack when performing a Super Attack
  • Plus an additional ATK & DEF +10% per Ki Sphere obtained
  • Randomly changes Ki Spheres of a certain Type (AGL excluded) to AGL Ki Spheres when there is an enemy whose name includes "Goku" (Youth, Captain Ginyu, Jr., etc. excluded) at start of character's attacking turn

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