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ChangelogcapnmzOctober 10, 2023
Omega Shenron
The Ultimate Shadow Dragon

Omega Shenron

Omega ShenronLock
Max Lv.
Ki Multipliers
12 150%
24 200%

Release Date

01/17/2024 6:30 AM

Leader Skill

"GT Bosses" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +200%

Find Teammates

Super Attacks

Dragon Thunder

Raises DEF for 1 turn, causes colossal damage and lowers ATK with a high chance of stunning the enemy
  • Launches from 12 ki
  • Multiplies ATK by 200%
  • From Super ATK Lv. 20
    Super Attack +30%
    Super Attack power will be increased even more!
  • 50% chance of Stun (enemy) for 2 turns
  • DEF (self) +30% for 1 turn
  • ATK (enemy) -20% for 3 turns

Purgatory Dragon-Slaying Waltz
Ultra Super Attack

Greatly raises DEF for 1 turn, causes mega-colossal damage to enemy, lowers ATK & DEF and seals Super Attack
  • Launches from 18 ki
  • Multiplies ATK by 250%
  • From Super ATK Lv. 20
    Super Attack +30%
    Super Attack power will be increased even more!
  • Seal Super Attack (enemy) for 2 turns
  • DEF (self) +50% for 1 turn
  • ATK & DEF (enemy) -20/20% for 3 turns

Passive Skill

Catastrophe Born of Malignant Energy

  • Activates the Entrance Animation upon the character's entry (once only) and changes INT Ki Spheres to Rainbow Ki Spheres for 7 turns from the character's entry turn
  • All enemies' ATK & DEF -25%
  • Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +200%
  • Plus an additional ATK +20% with each attack performed (up to 150%)
  • Ki +1 and reduces damage received by 5% per "GT Bosses" Category ally on the team
  • Plus an additional damage reduction of 7% per Rainbow Ki Sphere obtained
  • If HP is 50% or less at start of character's attacking turn, revives with 70% HP recovered when the character or an ally attacking in the same turn is KO'd (once only)
  • Attacks effective against all Types and launches an additional Super Attack starting from the turn in which the character's Revival Skill is activated

Active Skill

Minus Energy Power Ball

Greatly raises ATK temporarily, causes ultimate damage to enemy and lowers ATK & DEF by 30% for 1 turn; disables enemy's action once within the turn
Can be activated when the target enemy is in "ATK Down" or "DEF Down" status starting from the 3rd turn from the start of battle, or starting from the 6th turn from the start of battle (once only)
  • Multiplies ATK by 600%

Link Partners

Link Skill

6 Shared Link Skills

5 Shared Link Skills

4 Shared Link Skills

3 Shared Link Skills

2 Shared Link Skills

Awakening Path

Omega ShenronLock
Omega ShenronLock
Omega ShenronLock

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