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AnnouncementsCapnMZJuly 10, 2024
Majin Buu (Good)

Skill Voting

Which Hidden Potential Skill do you prioritize for this character?
Combo Attack100%
Critical Hit0%
Total votes: 5

Leader Skill

"Majin Buu Saga", "Sworn Enemies" or "Storied Figures" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +170%, plus an additional HP, ATK & DEF +30% for characters who also belong to the "Worldwide Chaos" or "Resurrected Warriors" Category

Show Teammates

Super Attack

Kamehameha Ki Blast

Raises DEF, greatly raises ATK for 1 turn and causes immense damage to enemy
  • Launches from 12 ki
  • Increases ATK by 180%
    Super ATK Lv. 1
    – 405%
    Super ATK Lv. 10
  • DEF (self) +30% for 99 turns
  • ATK (self) +50% for 1 turn

Passive Skill

Majin Beyond Comprehension

  • Activates the Entrance Animation (once only) and recovers 10% HP at start of character's attacking turn for the rest of battle (recovers an additional 10% HP for 5 turns from the character's entry turn) when there is another "Majin Buu Saga" Category ally on the team upon the character's entry
  • Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +150%
  • Plus an additional ATK & DEF +150% when performing a Super Attack
  • Launches an additional attack that has a great chance of becoming a Super Attack
  • Guards all attacks when HP is 50% or more at start of turn
  • Recovers 10% HP at the end of turn and if HP is 30% or less at the end of turn, recovers an additional 10% HP
  • Revives with HP fully recovered when the character is KO'd (once only)
  • Survives K.O. attacks (up to once within a turn), plus an additional ATK & DEF +100%, guards all attacks and launches an additional Super Attack starting from the turn in which the character's or an ally's Revival Skill is activated
  • Recovers HP with sweet treats

Active Skill

Candy Beam

Massively raises ATK temporarily, causes ultimate damage to enemy and delays a single targeted enemy's attack for 1 turn; changes all Ki Spheres to cookies and, for 1 turn, Ki +12
Can be activated after the character's Revival Skill is activated, or starting from the 7th turn from the start of battle (once only)
  • Multiplies ATK by 650%

Link Partners

Example Team Formation


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